General questions
Account registration at Drawlur isn't required but allows you to do the following:
  • Have your name on the drawings you create
  • Vote on others drawings
  • Have your total likes and views tracked and presented on the leaderboards
  • Have your own profile page where people can see your stats and drawings
Drawlur uses Gravatar for profile pictures of those who don't have a linked Facebook or Google account. If you don't have an account set up on Gravatar it will assign you a default of a unique monster associated with your email address.
Drawlur is meant to be a place of enjoyment for all ages. The internet has plenty of other places for adult material, Drawlur isn't one of them.
Nope. Once your drawing has been saved it is forever alive on the internet unless we at Drawlur feel it violates our terms of use. Then it will die a fiery death.
The most likely answer is because only one guy works on this thing while also working a full time job. BUT.... Please leave some feedback by using the link in the footer and it might get added!